About Rich Strands

As we have spent our  entire lives reflecting on our  father and getting a glimpse of who he was through others stories, their music and movies, We are reminded that a person's legacy is never just about money.

 Legacy is about how you live each day in your corner of the world and how that impacts others in a sort of ripple effect.

Legacy is about the moments that turn into stories that are powerful and memorable enough for people to share with someone else.

We have chosen to celebrate our  father's life, sharing with you these sacred moments in time, because each day that we survive him we are reminded that we have inherited qualities of a legend, our father, Rich Porter.

 As hustlers and as go-getters , we now know, it's just in our genes. Children want to make their parents proud, this being especially true for the children born and raised in Harlem.

We were raised witnessing first hand the sacrifices made by our parents so we would never become a product of our environment.

 When our Father died, some would say we lost the possibility of ever making him proud.

 This clothing line will prove this to be a fallacy. It represents the values that we possess from our father's legacy. Our launch of this clothing line reflects his entrepreneurial spirit and unmatched drive for life, all while highlighting his aura, style and grace.

Some style is LEGENDARY.